DSA2 - 2x D/A converter DS18B20 to 0-10V

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DSA2 with two channels can convert the temperature from the connected DS18B20 sensor to an analog output value of 0 to 10 V. The converter is suitable, for example, for connecting a thermometer to a PLC with analog inputs

Each channel can be individually set so that the output range 0 to 10 V corresponds to the input range 0 to +125 °C or -50 to +50 °C. At first glance, it is possible to detect eg a disconnected sensor thanks to LED indicators for fault states. Power supply from 18 to 30 V DC is ideal for use with conventional 24 V wiring. You can use your own sensors or you may wish to use our sensors for Quido with PVC or with silicone cable.

Drawing of the D / A function principle for the DS18B20