PAPAGO Meteo RS: Industrial weather station with RS485 ModBus

164,8 EUR 199,4 EUR incl. VAT
Personally in Prague:nowWith a delivery company:at the latest Tuesday 24.5.

PAPAGO METEO RS measures CO2 level, temperature, humidity, dew point, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and wind direction. PAPAGO is a family of devices with uniform appearance and communication capabilities. It allows to combine communication interfaces on one side and measuring sensors (inputs) on the other side.


  • Monitoring of meteorological values and processing
  • Measurement of CO2 levels, wind speed and direction in industry
  • Expansion of PLCs – adding meteorological values
  • Measurement for the HACCP system
  • Detection of wind speed for automatic retraction of various sun blinds
  • RS485 interface with Modbus RTU protocol.
  • Wide power voltage input 11 to 58 V DC.
  • Current consumption typ. 26 mA @ 24 V
  • Measures (a) external thermometer, (b) combined sensor with temperature and humidity, (c) combined pressure, temperature and humidity sensor, (d) CO2 level concentration or (e) Wind speed/direction sensor (Sensors are sold separately.)
  • Robust sleek metal chassis that can be DIN rail mounted. Connections are inscribed on the chassis for easy wiring. LED indicators show all import
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