TH2E: Ethernet thermometer and hygrometer

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TH2E - Ethernet thermometer and hygrometer
TH2E - Ethernet thermometer and hygrometer
TH2E - detail with sensor (the sensor must be ordered separately!)
With DIN rail mount
Electronics without sensor
Comparsion with previous versions
TH2E web in Google Chrome
Simplified web interface in Mozilla Firefox
Settings window example
History listing
Temperature and humidity live in your iPhone
Gadget for Windows
Example of a PHP application with graphs and measurement statistics from TME or TH2E. Source codes free to download.
TH2E and TME differences
Communication options and web interface in Google Chrome and iPhone

TH2E is a Thermometer and Hygrometer that can calculate a dew point. It can store measured-out values into its internal memory, send the measured-out values to your server, send e-mails when a threshold is exceeded, TH2E remembers extremes and it has an internal WEB server. TH2E is fully configurable via its WEB interface. SNMP and MODBUS TCP are also supported.

This product is electronics only, sensor not included.
Sensor is available as another product in section Temperature and Humidity sensors.

Communication options of Ethernet hygrometer

Communication options and web interface in Google Chrome and iPhone

Communication options and web interface in Google Chrome and iPhone

  • Internal WEB page for viewing and configuration. Available in Czech and English, °C, °F or K.
  • Web interface for advanced devices such as the iPhone, as well as for older mobile phones and PDAs.
  • XML file containing current values
  • HTTP GET: Sending of the measured-out values to your server. Easy processing on your server.
  • SNMP protocol: Allows you to read current states from internal objects and send traps with measured-out values.
  • E-mail: If any value exceeds set-up thresholds, TH2E can send an informative e-mail. (E-mail without SSL.)
  • TCP protocol: Automatic sending of the measured-out values as a request-response communictaion in Spinel protocol
  • MODBUS TCP protocol

What can LAN hygrometer do?

Depending on sensor connected to it, TH2E is able to measure temperature, humidity, store the measured-out values into its internal memory (including time of measurement) and calculate dew point. Measured-out values can be viewed via WEB browser. TH2E is capable to communicate via many standardized protocols, which makes it an ideal component for further integration to an existing system.

Many of TCP/IP family protocols are supported. Available are for example: TCP data channel, SNMP and MODBUS TCP protocols, e-mail sending, HTTP GET automatic sending to a remote server. Measured-out values and settings parameters are also available in XML format etc.

All settings can be adjusted via WEB interface. Brief help pops up for all parameters. WEB interface is available in Czech and English.

Parameters of Ethernet hygrometer

  • Thermometer and hygrometer. TH2E also calculates the dew point.
  • Relative humidity is measured from 0 through 100%.
  • Temperature can be measured from -55°C to +125°C.
  • Automatic calculation of the dew point.
  • Several temperature units available (°C, °F, K).
  • Internal memory for 1000 records (each record with its's time stamp). Several storing modes:
    (1) Time - saving every X minutes;
    (2) Differential - to save the recording occurs only when the measured value of X moves from the last saved values;
    (3) Extreme values watching - saves only the value at which the change tendency observed variables.
  • Onboard RTC circuit (Real Time Clock)
  • Extreme values memory - TH2E remembers maximum and minimum measured value of each measured variable, including the date and time of measurement.
  • Thermometer and hygrometer sensor has a IP54 coverage (temperature sensor has a IP68 coverage)
  • Connection and communication via a computer network (Ethernet; LAN)
  • Data transfer via TCP/IP (10/100 Ethernet).
  • Viewing and configuration via a WEB interface.
  • Detachable sensor - temperature+humidity or temperature only (not included - sensors are available separately in section Temperature and Humidity sensors).
  • Sensor cable is highly resistant to temperatures and chemicals (Silicon cable).
  • TH2E is powered from 5 V to 30 V (Wall plug adaptor PSU included)
  • DIN rail mount available.
TH2E and TME differences

Differences between TH2E and TME.

Sample file with measured-out values in XML format

There is and XML file in TH2E units that always contains most current measured-out data including the preset limits and extreme values. A complete description of all the meanings of the attributes is in the documentation in PDF format, which can be downloaded below.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<root xmlns="">
	<sns id="1" type="1" status="3" unit="0" val="15.8" w-min="20.0" w-max="30.0" e-min-val=" -9.2" e-max-val=" 16.7" e-min-dte="10/29/2012 12:54:18" e-max-dte="10/20/2012 10:56:05"/>
	<sns id="2" type="2" status="0" unit="3" val="87.0" w-min="" w-max="" e-min-val=" 0.0" e-max-val=" 88.9" e-min-dte="10/31/2012 00:00:00" e-max-dte="10/30/2012 12:56:05"/>
	<sns id="3" type="3" status="0" unit="0" val="14.0" w-min="" w-max="" e-min-val=" -12.2" e-max-val=" 15.3" e-min-dte="5/30/2012 12:54:18" e-max-dte="10/31/2012 10:50:02"/>
	<status frm="1" location="London storage" time="10/31/2012 13:56:05"/>
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