TQS3 I: RS485 Interior thermometer

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Digital thermometer in an indoor make - for in-building temperature measurement. Measuring range is -55 to +125°C. Thermometer communicates via RS485 line on Spinel or MODBUS RTU protocol. The TQS3 intelligent temperature sensor can be connected to other modules by a single bus, which can be up to 1200 m long.

New feature: The users can now switch between the Spinel and Modbus RTU communication protocols using ModbusConfigurator software.

The thermometer communicates via RS485 using the Spinel or MODBUS RTU protocol. In the case of Spinel protocol, the thermometer can be connected to a joint communication link with other devices of our company – most of our devices communicate via the Spinel protocol. TQS3 can communicate via the binary as well as ASCII format of the Spinel protocol. ASCII format is very simple – the instructions can be sent and the measured values read to/by some of the many terminals for serial communication. For machine processing, it is preferable to use the binary format of the protocol. For both versions, the documentation provides specific examples.

In the case of communication by the MODBUS RTUprotocol, the thermometer can be easily integrated into the systems that communicate via this industrial protocol.

TQS3I thermometer withou the cover lid. Mounting holes are in corners. There are two holes for wiring in the middle.

TQS3I thermometer withou the cover lid. Mounting holes are in corners. There are two holes for wirin in the middle.

Features of RS485 thermometer

  • Thermometer measuring temperatures from -55 to +125°C.
  • 0,1°C resolution
  • Accuracy ±0,5°C from -10 to +85°C, otherwise ±2°C
  • Communication line RS485 - up to 32 devices can be connected on a single bus (even more when a repeater is used)
  • Temperature sensor a plastic casing made especially for indoor temperature measurement.
  • Spinel or MODBUS RTU communication protocol (to be selected by the user; the factory default setting is the Spinel protocol)
  • Low power requirements (typically 2 mA)
  • Wago terminal connection


TQS3 thermometer: Connection to RS232 or USB

Example of TQS3 connected to a PC through USB or COM port.

TQS3 thermometer: Connection to Ethernet

Example of TQS3 connected to a computer network (Ethernet, Internet).

Converter: USB connection is provided by SB485. To connect RS485 to the Ethernet, GNOME485 can be used.

Power: To power all converters and thermometers 12V DC PSU is enough for most cases.

Connection wires: To connect thermometers, power supply and converter, TP cable (Cat5e) is recommended. Use one pair for RS485, and other wires for power supply.

Software: To watch and log the temperatures from TQS3 sensors, Wix software can be used (freeware). Other option is user made software. The protocol is well documented and very simple.

Versions of the TQS3 thermometer

Versions of the TQS3 thermometer (left to right): TQS3 I, TQS3 O, TQS3 P, TQS3 E.

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