UC485S: RS232 to RS485/RS422 line converter - plug terminals

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The UC485 module converts an RS232 line to RS485 or RS422. The module settings can be set using DIP switches. UC485 come s either double or triple isolated. RS485/RS422 line has overvoltage protection. Two versions are availabe: D-SUB 9 connectors or a slip-on termination board on the RS485 side.

Converter features

  • Line settings: RS485, RS422, and RS422 multimaster
  • Transmission speed up to 480 kBd
  • Direction control on the RS485 line can be automatic or by DTR signal (polarity can be set)
  • The RS485/422 line (including the grounding) is completely isolated from RS232 and from the power supply (this isolation is provided as standard for all types)
  • Optionally, grounding of the power supply and grounding of the RS232 line can be isolated from each other (this triple isolated version is available upon request)
  • The RS485/RS422 line has overvoltage protection
  • The ON and data flow statuses are indicated by LED indicators – easy installation and set-up
  • A built-in optional termination, including BIAS resistors (these rersistors define RS485 idle state voltage.
  • Power supply 7 to 40 V (also 36 to 75 V or 5 V is available upon request)
  • D-SUB 9 connectors or a slip-on termination board on the RS485 side
  • Dimensions 105 x 55 x 24 mm, DIN rail mount is optional