Wie232: Wiegand converter to RS232

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Wiegand is a standard interface used in contactless card readers. Wie232 is able to convert the Wiegand interface to a format usable by a standard serial port (RS232). Thus, standard contactless card readers can be easily connected to a PC or similar system.

Wie232 converts Wiegand protocols to a format suitable for a serial port (RS232, COM port). The output of Wie232 is the number of the card read by the reader in the form of text in the ASCII format or in binary format. This enables further processing of the card number by a PC software or another system to be carried out very easily.

The Wie232 module processes data using the following protocols: Wiegand 26, 30, 32, 34, 40 or 42. Wie232 can also communicate with a standard RFID reader with JA-80H keyboard. (Other versions of the Wiegand protocol can be added upon request.) The required type of Wiegand protocol can be chosen using the switch on the upper side of the device.

Wie232 also contains an output providing power supply to the contactless card reader. Thus, Wie232 and the reader can be fed using a single power supply unit.

Using the Wiegand converter to RS232

  • Contactless card readers
  • Electronic access systems
  • RS232 converter for outdoors keyboard and RFID reader Jablotron JA-80H
  • Security systems
  • Modernization of existing access systems
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