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Universal software for the majority of our standard devices. It enables central monitoring and storing of data from our thermometers, hygrometers, A/D converters, I/O modules etc. It is also able to communicate using the MODBUS protocol. Free version of Wix can be downloaded here.

The Wix software is able to measure and control a wide range of devices – thermometers, hygrometers, anemometers, inputs and outputs of I/O Quido modules or general devices using the MODBUS RTU protocol. Depending on the measured variable and its current value, the software is able to carry out various subsequent actions - to notify the user by displaying a warning message, to switch an output in a different I/O Quido module, to send an email or an SMS directly to a mobile phone. Newly, the software is also able to display values from Wix on a different PC using an internal webserver.

Wix is able to communicate with various devices via RS232, RS485, USB as well as the Ethernet (Internet).

Example of system software WIX

Basic functions of Wix

  • Display of the latest measured values from connected devices. Measured values
  • Display of numerical values.
  • Display of coloured bars (a so called bar chart) whose colours depend on the current value.
  • Display of texts depending on the current value.
  • Display of charts.
  • Measurement history storing in the form of a text file for further processing or evaluation.
  • Pre-set actions to be taken.
  • Timer function – e.g. switch the relay at 16:30 etc.
  • Sending an email.
  • Switching an output (relay) in Quido.
  • Counter reset at Quido input.
  • Sending an SMS(via a connected modem Siemens TC65i).

What is the difference between the paid and free version?

The free version is subject to the following limitations:

  • The maximum of 10 panels or 5 devices.
  • Impossible to hide the panel referring to Papouch.com.

Do you want to use Wix for your products but find the limitations of the free version inconvenient? Contact us there must be something we can do about it ;-)

List of devices Wix works with

  • PAPAGO modules: I/O modules with Ethernet, WiFi or GSM.
  • TM: thermometer connected via RS232
  • TMU: thermometer connected via USB
  • TME: thermometer connected via Ethernet (IP Thermometer)
  • TME PoE: thermometer connected via the Ethernet with PoE power supply
  • TME multi: universal interface for connecting up to 32 thermometers and hygrometers via the Ethernet (Internet)
  • TQS3: family of thermometers connected via RS485
  • THT2: thermometer + hygrometer + dew point calculation connected via RS485
  • TH2E: thermometer + hygrometer + dew point calculation connected via the Ethernet (Internet)
  • AD4: family of measuring modules for a unified current or voltage signal; connected via RS232, RS485, USB or Ethernet (Internet)
  • DRAK4: laboratory device measuring current or voltage
  • Quido: family of thirty I/O modules with universal inputs and outputs (relay); connected via RS232, RS485, USB or Ethernet (Internet)
  • TX20ETH: anemometer (measures wind speed and direction) connected via the Ethernet (Internet)
  • TX20RS: anemometer (measures wind speed and direction) connected via RS232 and/or RS485
  • DT4120: converter for Pt100 resistance thermometer with display
  • MODBUS RTU: devices that are able to communicate via the universal MODBUS RTU protocol
  • TM service: a universal service of the Windows system for thermometer data measuring and storing.
  • TC65i: GSM modem used by Wix to send SMSs.
  • TDS: LED display to view data measured by Wix.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 2000, XP, Vista nebo 7.
  • RAM: approx. 40 MB
  • Disc space: <5 MB
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