Quido ETH 4/4: 4 inputs, 4 outputs and thermometer

Quido ETH 4/4: 4x digital inputs, 4x output relay, 1x temperature input, Ethernet interface
160,4 EUR 194,1 EUR incl. VAT
Personally in Prague:Monday 4.12.With a delivery company:at the latest Tuesday 5.12.
Quido ETH 4/4: 4x digital inputs, 4x output relay, 1x temperature input, Ethernet interface
Quido ETH 4/4: 4x digital inputs, 4x output relay, 1x temperature input, Ethernet interface
external termometer socket, Ethernet interface, reset button, power supply contacts, 4 galvanically isolated digital inputs, common ground (from left)
4x output relay contacts
The main page (example of Quido ETH 8/8)
Data in XML format (example of Quido ETH 8/8)
Output control in C# library Spinel.NET
Web interface - network settings
Web interface - security settings
Web interface - e-mail settings
Web interface - SNMP settings
Web interface - HTTP-GET settings
Web interface - input settings
Web interface - pulse output settings
Web interface - temperature watching output settings
Web interface - thermometer settings
Web interface - other settings
Information about the device

Quido ETH 4/4 includes 4 digital inputs, 4 outputs and thermometer. Quido connects directly to a LAN (Ethernet) and can be fully controlled and managed through a web interface. Inputs are designed to connect voltage or contacts – can distinguish two states (0 and 1). The outputs are relays with a changeover contact. The thermometer can be connected to a cable of up to 15 meters and is able to measure temperatures in the range from -55 to +125 °C.

Thermometers, plexi covers, metal boxeses or DIN rail holder ban be found in Quido accessories.

Features of I/O module

  • Connects directly to LAN (10/100 Ethernet)
  • Controlled by: Web interface, e-mail, Spinel, MODBUS TCP, SNMP, HTTP GET, XML and Wix applications
  • E-mail notification (without SSL/TLS, port 25).
  • For developers: Spinel.NET library on Github with examples in C# (documentation only in Czech)
  • LED indication of power, communication, and the status of inputs and outputs.
  • 4 Galvanically isolated digital inputs for voltage or contacts.
  • 4 Outputs = changeover contact relays.
  • 1 Thermometer with a measuring range of -55 to +125 °C.
  • Automatically sends information about changes on the inputs.
  • Autonomous control based on the measured temperature.
  • Counts pulses on the inputs.
  • Operating temperature of electronics -20 to +60 °C.
  • External power supply 8 to 30 V.
  • Plastic lever for Wago 236 terminals (standard part of delivery).

Basic functions and block diagram of Quido ETH module

Basic functions of I/O modul

  • Reads the current status of inputs
  • Automatically sends information (email, HTTP GET, ...) about changes on the inputs.
  • Counts pulses on the inputs or changes in the status of the input (for first 60 inputs)
  • Control of output relays with a changeover contact
  • Configuration of the outputs for a defined period
  • Thermometer: measuring range of -55 to +125 °C
  • Temperature monitoring (the relay closes when temperature changes, closes for a predefined period when a specified temperature has been reached; sends an e-mail or HTTP GET)

The main page of Quido ETH 8/8

Practical applications

Configuration via web interface (example from Quido ETH 8/8)

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