Get a breath of fresh air! Carbon dioxide measurement

07.04.2020All the news

How do I know there's enough fresh air in the room? One of the best ways to tell is by watching carbon dioxide (CO2) level. As the CO2 level rises, people become increasingly drowsy, headaches or even worse states may come if the level rises even higher.

That's why we have designed a small smart box that can monitor the CO2 level for you. It is small and discreet and will fit most offices, lecture halls, even homes. It's called THCO2 and it also measures temperature and humidity. To measure CO2 it uses an optical sensor (NDIR) with great accuracy and long lifespan. The CO2 readouts are very accurate.

How does THCO2 watch the CO2 level?

1) It communicates via ModBus and spinel protocols over an RS485 line. This way your measurements can be easily integrated to your existing system. The value that comes out is in ppm directly as a single register without the need to calculate it.

2) It has an integrated indicator that glows green if all is fine. If the indicator starts glowing RED, it's time to open the window and let some fresh air in. Once it starts flashing, the CO2 level is very high and you should definitely open your windows. If however you don’t like all the glowing LEDs on various devices, this can be turned off while THCO2 measures away.

CO2 level effects on people and focus

Real experience of a test person: "When testing the THCO2 while on home office due to the COVID-19, I've watched how various CO2 levels affected my breathing. When we've noticed we're a bit lazy and not thinking sharp, the RED light on the THCO2 was already lit. All it took for us was to open window and once the CO2 level dropped, we were once again 100% focused. I can see that THCO2 works very well as a CO2 level monitor."

By the way, did you know, that there are government issued rules about the maximum CO2 concentrations? For example we have a law in Czech republic saying the upper limit of CO2 concentration has to be below 1500 ppm and a sufficient ventilation, either natural or forced, has to be has ensured.

"The UK standards for schools say that carbon dioxide in all teaching and learning spaces, when measured at seated head height and averaged over the whole day should not exceed 1,500 ppm." (Quote from Wikipedia)

If CO2 lever measurements are interesting for you, or you simply want to have fresh air, you can find out more on THCO2 web page here...

Get a breath of fresh air! Carbon dioxide measurement
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