Spinel - Free universal communication protocol23. 7. 2019

Spinel - Free universal communication protocol


Free universal communication protocol Communication protocol called spinel was developed and launched based on our extensive experience with data com...

Wix - measurement software24. 5. 2019

Wix - measurement software


Universal software for the majority of our standard devices. It enables central monitoring and storing of data from our thermometers, hygrometers, A/D...

Ethernet Configurator21. 1. 2011

Ethernet Configurator

Using this program you can easily set the IP address of your device to make it compatible with the configuration of your network. Ethernet Configurato...
TMconsole - console application for TM... thermometers21. 1. 2011

TMconsole - console application for TM... thermometers

TMconsole is able to measure temperature using TM, TMU and TME thermometers (with RS232, USB and Ethernet) and save it into a file on the disk. The ap...
Modbus Configurator: Protocol switching utility21. 1. 2011

Modbus Configurator: Protocol switching utility

Software for easy switching between protocols in our devices. Mainly between Spinel and ModBus RTU. Apart from switching, this little utility can also...
Desktop Thermometer - a Gadget for your Windows31. 10. 2010

Desktop Thermometer - a Gadget for your Windows

Add a small on-line thermometeror hygrometer on the desktop of your Windows. It will show you the temperature measured by your TME, TME PoE or TH2E. H...
TMservice - operating system service for temperature measurement11. 7. 2003

TMservice - operating system service for temperature measurement

TMservice is a resident service of the Windows operating system. It monitors temperature measured by connected thermometers. It sends an e-mail or a n...
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