Spinel - Free universal communication protocol23.07.2019

Spinel - Free universal communication protocol

Free universal communication protocol Communication protocol called spinel was developed and launched based on our extensive experience with data com...

Wix: Measurement software24.05.2019

Wix: Measurement software

Universal software for the majority of our standard devices. It enables central monitoring and storing of data from our thermometers, hygrometers, A/D...

Ethernet Configurator21.01.2011

Ethernet Configurator

Using this program you can easily set the IP address of your device to make it compatible with the configuration of your network. Ethernet Configurato...
TMconsole - console application for TM... thermometers21.01.2011

TMconsole - console application for TM... thermometers

TMconsole is able to measure temperature using TM, TMU and TME thermometers (with RS232, USB and Ethernet) and save it into a file on the disk. The ap...
Modbus Configurator: Protocol switching utility21.01.2011

Modbus Configurator: Protocol switching utility

Software for easy switching between protocols in our devices. Mainly between Spinel and ModBus RTU. Apart from switching, this little utility can also...
Desktop Thermometer - a Gadget for your Windows31.10.2010

Desktop Thermometer - a Gadget for your Windows

Add a small on-line thermometeror hygrometer on the desktop of your Windows. It will show you the temperature measured by your TME, TME PoE or TH2E. H...
TMservice - operating system service for temperature measurement11.07.2003

TMservice - operating system service for temperature measurement

TMservice is a resident service of the Windows operating system. It monitors temperature measured by connected thermometers. It sends an e-mail or a n...
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