Line isolators

Isolators can galvanically isolate two communication lines. This comes in handy in cases when you interconnect two devices powered from two different power supplies and there is a danger of a ground loops occuring. Ground loop can be created by improperly installed or designed system, when parts of that system are powered from different power sources on a different electrical potential. Balancing currents resulting from those different potentials can damage your equipment very easily. Galvanic isolators prevent ground loops and completely protect connected devices from damage.

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CQ485: RS485/422 repeater and isolator

CQ485: RS485/422 repeater and isolator

148,5 EUR excl. VAT
In stock (based on variant)

CQ485 is an RS485 and RS422 repeater, converter and isolator in one device. Both sides are galvanica...

UC232: RS232 Isolator

UC232: RS232 Isolator

95,70 EUR excl. VAT
In stock (based on variant)

UC232 is a complete RS232 isolator of all signals. It protects your PC, notebook or a different devi...

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