Do you use Spinel? Are you working on an implementation and need to quickly verify that your data packet is valid? Our new parser will definitely come in handy. We have prepared a simple Spinel parser and validator that finds Spinel packets in the text and lists them clearly. It also works as a Spinel packet generator. There is no need to install anything - it works online.
Online parser and creator for universal binary protocol Spinel
Has changed its business to gardening because of pandemic? Kind of... :-)
Papouch breed of a Raspberry Pi
How do I know there's enough fresh air in the room? One of the best ways to tell is by watching carbon dioxide (CO2) level. That's why we have designed a small smart box that can monitor the CO2 level for you.
Get a breath of fresh air! Carbon dioxide measurement
With the new Papago METEO you will have an overview of wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, dew point and carbon dioxide concentration. With PoE power, you need to connect only a single cable to your Papago and you have reliable communication and power.
Wind speed and direction measrement with our industrial weather station
A new line of thermometers is here! TQS4 thermometers with RS485 interface. It is a new iteration of very popular line - TQS3, which was improved in many ways. Main improvements are power voltage input, which is now up to 36 V DC, and even lower consumption.
New Thermometers TQS4 with power voltage up to 36V
Edgar WiFi is in stock! It is nearly identical to the Ethernet version but it ha WiFi instead of Ethernet. What else is interesting about WiFi Edgar? It features controllable voltage output VOUT what can be used to power an external device. This output can be remotely switched on or off. Several voltages are user selectable. It works with HTTP GET, data can be sent from a remote WEB server directly to the serial line. It has wide power voltage range: 11 – 58V DC Edgar WiFi also comes with expected features like user selectable serial line RS232 or RS485, Virtual COM port, TCP server and client communication modes, UDP client and more.
EDGAR WiFi: WiFi serial device server with power output
Now available: New unique Ethernet serial device server. What makes it unique? Dual power: it can be powered from PoE 802.3af or an external power supply. Power output: Edgar can power an external device using its VOUT terminal. The Voltage Output can be 5, 9, 12 or 24 V (user selectable). HTTP GET communication allowing an easy access to the serial port from a WEB server. Edgar also comes as a standard with selectable serial line interface either RS232 or RS485, WEB configuration, TCP server, TCP or UDP client and protocols and more.
EDGAR: PoE Ethernet serial device server with power output
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