We strive to make our devices last as long as possible. We don't manufacture devices that are planned to last only for the duration of the warranty. Even so, it may happen that our devices stop working.

We are ready to perform warranty and post-warranty service of alldevices we manufacture. We routinely repair our devices long after the standard warranty has expired. You do not have to worry about coming to us even with a very old device.

How to proceed to make the repair as fast as possible?

  1. Fill out this PDF form so we know as much as possible about the repair.
  2. Send the completed form together with the damaged device to Papouch store s.r.o., Strašnická 3165, 102 00 Prague 10.
  3. If you will send the device to us by shipping service, we recommend not to use regular Mail (Post), but another carrier.

For example, we provide service in one of the following ways:

  • Warranty repair.
  • Post-warranty repair. We will let you know in advance what it will cost and if the repair is worthwhile.
  • In urgent cases, we will first lend you a spare piece that will allow you to get the line or machine running again as quickly as possible, and then you will deliver the damaged piece to us for repair. Shiping cost is covered by the customer in this case.
  • If it is a custom made device that is irreparably damaged, we will make you a new piece.
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