Papouch breed of a Raspberry Pi

24.04.2020All the news

Has Papouch s.r.o. changed its business to gardening because of pandemic? Kind of... :-) We took the popular single-board computer Raspberry Pi and we "bred" it a bit so that you can use it well in industrial automation...

Raspberry Pi misses some parts... , e.g. it doesn't have a proper power supply - either in terms of quality or used connectors (mini USB or USB C for Raspberry Pi 4). Also, industrial sensors and I/O modules with RS485 bus cannot be connected to Raspberry Pi and a RS232 reader cannot be attached directly to the Raspberry either. If your program on Raspberry freezes, you need to restart the Raspberry Pi manually by unplugging its power supply. This way the Raspberry Pi forgets the current time that can be sometimes a bit annoying...

However it is no longer the case, because of brand new ExtRaPi! It is an industrial extension for the Raspberry Pi, which compensates for shortcomings and adds a few useful features on top; e.g. a proper power supply with reliable terminals, so you can power the Raspberry Pi from 24 V and there is still enough power for peripherals such as a USB drive or 7" display or the RS485 industrial bus with galvanic isolation, so the device on the bus is not being destroyed by any energy peak.

Vyšlechtěná malina - Raspberry Pi

ExtRaPi was completely designed and developed by, thus you can be sure that the used components will withstand something and everything will work well. We believe that you will find this extension for Raspberry useful..

For complete information take a look here...

Papouch breed of a Raspberry Pi
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