Custom made electronics

Fast monitoring unit for remote monitoring and diagnostics of mining equipment01.12.2021

Fast monitoring unit for remote monitoring and diagnostics of mining equipment

Custom equipment for remote monitoring and diagnostics of mining equipment in remote areas onshore and offshore. Very fast measurements to capture the...
64 inputs with PoE Ethernet26.11.2021

64 inputs with PoE Ethernet

The device is a modification of the Quido I/O module hardware. The modified version has 64 contact inputs and an Ethernet interface with PoE. The firm...
Netduino Plus 2: Open source electronics production12.11.2021

Netduino Plus 2: Open source electronics production

Netduino Plus 2 is an open source automation board programmable in the .NET Micro Framework environment. One of our customers has built their own devi...
Relay Control and Data Input from Barcode Readers using Webserver29.08.2016

Relay Control and Data Input from Barcode Readers using Webserver

Custom device with one digital input, six relays and two serial lines for connecting barcode readers. Monitoring and controlling of current statuses i...
Watching Goods or Exhibits by Detecting Weight Loss01.02.2016

Watching Goods or Exhibits by Detecting Weight Loss

Exposed goods or exhibits can be watched in different ways. An unobtrusive way is to watch the weight of an item and to detect its lifting up from a p...
Peripheral Board for G400 ARM Module with .NET Framework21.10.2015

Peripheral Board for G400 ARM Module with .NET Framework

Would you like to have a hardware for which you can write your own firmware for example in .NET Micro Framework? One of our customers had exactly such...

Do you like to play with Raspberry and need any aditional hardware? Lot us worry about that - we can supply you with very specific hardware and let yo...
Speaking shelf for adversiting campaign (Talking Product Shelf)30.05.2012

Speaking shelf for adversiting campaign (Talking Product Shelf)

Fidorka is one of the most known chocolate wafer candy in Czech Republic. In addition to massive advertisement through TV spots, internet adds and pri...
Automatic Focus of Cameras on Detected Motions12.03.2012

Automatic Focus of Cameras on Detected Motions

Imagine having a large, fenced property with plenty of rotating cameras. How to make cameras automatically focusing on a point of the fence when someo...
5-channel Ethernet D/A converter01.04.2011

5-channel Ethernet D/A converter

D/A (Digital - Analogue) converter with Ethernet interface. Consists of five independant channels. Input channels are isolated from Ethernet and from ...
Custom Ethernet serial server01.04.2011

Custom Ethernet serial server

Custom modification of our standard serial server GNOME232 - hardware modification, firmware modification and web interface mogification specially for...
Multi-temperature regulator01.04.2011

Multi-temperature regulator

Consists of 6 independent units. Each of them measures temperature from thermocouple type K and regulates an external heater according to settings. Un...
PWM generator for control unit testing01.04.2011

PWM generator for control unit testing

A special custom generator with pulse wide modulation for control units testing. All parameters are manually configurable via analog knobs.
Shoplifting protection: Realtime text insertion to PAL videosignal01.03.2011

Shoplifting protection: Realtime text insertion to PAL videosignal

System to insert a text from cash register to a videofeed from security camera.
Big rugged industrial LED display01.03.2011

Big rugged industrial LED display

Six characters LED display with selectable interface (according to make: RS232, RS485, USB or Ethernet). 100 mm segments.
Synchronous analogue measurement system01.03.2011

Synchronous analogue measurement system

System for synchronous measurement unified voltage (0-10V) or current signals (4-20mA) on multiple stations. In this particular case 3 stations and 8 ...
RFID communication terminal28.01.2011

RFID communication terminal

Communication terminal for machine operation staff. Identities the employee by reading his personal RFID card. The employee can then control his hours...
Cable Harness Tester for Rolling Stocks20.01.2011

Cable Harness Tester for Rolling Stocks

Comprehensive device designed for testing of correct wiring and other cable harness parameters in railed vehicles.
Converters for remote control of Xantrex, Fronius and SunEzy inverters30.09.2010

Converters for remote control of Xantrex, Fronius and SunEzy inverters

Series of OEM products for remote control and configuration of Xantrex, Fronius and SunEzy inverters, that are being used to connect photovoltaic powe...
Locker controler and monitor19.07.2010

Locker controler and monitor

We have developed a device that controls and monitors up to 600 lockers and allows users to lock end unlock them by contact chips. This device is conn...
Monitoring module for PS/2 keyboard or reader16.07.2010

Monitoring module for PS/2 keyboard or reader

The PS2TAP can monitor data transmitted by a keyboard or contactless reader connected via a PS/2 interface.
Special controller unit10.05.2010

Special controller unit

Special controller unit based on Quido I/O module. Added loggging, 230V power and other functions.
Watchdog for camera system14.03.2010

Watchdog for camera system

ViMon is a device to watch over camera system. It can detect any errors and reboot system if the camera connected to a PC card stops sending video.
Roulette server online monitoring14.03.2010

Roulette server online monitoring

On-line monitoring of a roulette server and statuses. Current games information and others over GPRS connection.
Converter for transmitting audio over fiber13.03.2010

Converter for transmitting audio over fiber

Device transmits audio signals in both ways over a optical fibre. Control two-state signals are transmitted as well.
Device for testing train controller12.03.2010

Device for testing train controller

A very special device to test train controller. We have developed a device that can automatically test all controller positions, accurately measure ca...
PC watchdog10.03.2010

PC watchdog

Operating system service to monitor the events occurring in the system. If an error or non-allowed operation occurs, the service sends a report and th...
Power control module10.03.2010

Power control module

Power control unit for peripheries controlled by PLC.
Special Ethernet I/O modules10.03.2010

Special Ethernet I/O modules

Two independent Ethernet devices with large amount of inputs and outputs. Outputs as relays, digital inputs, voltage and current measuring inputs.
Battery monitor with WEB interface and SNMP10.03.2010

Battery monitor with WEB interface and SNMP

Special measuring device for monitoring battery backup cells and remote monitoring of power supplies via Ethernet. With web interface and central moni...

Custom made electronicsPapouch s.r.o. specializes in custom development and production of electronic systems according to our customers' requirements. We have been active in the area of the development and production of custom made electronics since our company was founded in 1990.

  • Do you manufacture or sell a device from which data is transmitted?
  • Do you need up-to-date and reliable electronic parts to increase the value of your device?
  • Do you want to incorporate your device into a data-collection system, and store the measured values in a database?

We are ready to develop a completely new device or adapt our existing device to meet your needs. Send us an e-mail or call us. We will try to offer you a solution exactly for your needs.

The following items characterise the outline of our activities:

  • Custom electronicsData collection and transmission in industry
  • Line and protocol conversion
  • Communication via RS232, RS485/422, USB, Ethernet, GPRS, LTE, WiFi...
  • Line switches and multiplexers
  • Measurement modules for physical variables (voltage, current, temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, etc.)
  • Input/output modules
  • Monitoring systems
  • PCB design
  • Software applications for Windows OS, Linux and Android OS


The prices of custom development and custom modifications are governed by this price list.

How does custom manufacturing work?

  1. Your enquiry - general or with details.
  2. We will make a quotation with technical characteristics, development price, prototype price and unit price for mass production. We will send the offer to you for comments.
  3. Revision of the offer according to your comments.
  4. Repeat points 2 and 3 until you are satisfied.
  5. Production of prototypes including firmware (if prototypes are needed).
  6. Handing over prototypes, modifying firmware, sending new versions.
  7. When you are satisfied: invoicing development and prototypes, submitting documentation.
  8. Ensuring certification at an authorized testing facility (if needed).
  9. Repeat production according to your orders.
  10. Continuous collaboration on product improvement.

Devices are always produced only for the development customer. We do not disclose knowledge from development and production to third parties. Single units or large quantities can be produced.

Quality and durability

  • We manufacture custom-made equipment in industrial quality for 24/7 operation from quality components and with an emphasis on long service life.
  • We are ready to provide service for the lifetime of the equipment.
  • Even years after the equipment has been manufactured, you can contact us for service or to have additional pieces of your equipment manufactured.

Below are specific examples of custom electronics (this is just a selection of some orders):

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