Peripheral Board for G400 ARM Module with .NET Framework

Would you like to have a hardware for which you can write your own firmware for example in .NET Micro Framework? One of our customers had exactly such a wish. See what we have made for him.

Our customer chose G400 module with a 400 MHz ARM processor from GHI electronics company. G400 is a powerful module with .NET Micro Framework that can be easily programmed in Microsoft Visual Studio using C# or Visual Basic.

Based on his needs a motherboard was created for the .NET module with following peripherals:

  • 2x Ethernet
  • 3x RS232
  • 1x RS485
  • 1x 3G/LTE modem
  • 1x slot for micro SDHC card
  • 1x display 2x16 chracters
  • 3x button
  • 2x external temperature and humidity sensor
  • 1x USB client with industrial USB connectors
  • 1x integrated 4-port USB hub with industrial USB connectors
  • Extension connector for future extension

When designing individual peripherals, we have applied our long-term experience with the production of communication devices and used verified connections and components. The whole motherboard was enclosed in a rugged metallic enclosure that was specifically made for it. The equipment is DIN rail mounted and placed in distribution board together with other customer's equipment.

We can manufacture an electronic device that best suits your needs -  whether it is small and simple or it is a complex system. Feel free to contact us - we will be happy to consult with you to reach the best solution.

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