RFID communication terminal

Communication terminal for machine operation staff. Identities the employee by reading his personal RFID card. The employee can then control his hours and work via graphic display 132 × 32 pixels and buttons.

Device works as a unversal communication terminal to controll machiners, production lines etc. Thanks to having universal buttons, RFID reader, graphic display and port to connect external barcode scanner, this terminal is ideal for virtually any working place imaginable. Display and peripherial devices are partly autonomous, but they can also be controlled from a remote server over Ethernet. Ethernet communication is sufficently universal, so there is no demand for neither location not distance of those terminals from server.


  • Communication terminal for machine operating staff
  • Graphic display 132 × 23 pixels (display dimensionally compatible with standard 2x16 characters displays).
  • Communication interface Ethernet (LAN, computer network)
  • RFID reader to identify the employee
  • RS232 port for bacrode scanner (optional based on workplace)
  • 16 universal buttons
  • Piezoelement for sound indication for the staff
  • Relay output to controll external device
  • Above mentioned peripherials are universal and can be controlled from the remote server via secured communication HTTP GET and XML
  • Fully configurable via WEB interface

This is an example of a custom-made electronic device. We are happy to manufacture a custom device for you - please feel free to contact us for a free consultation on developing a new device or modifying an existing product.

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