Spinel: Free universal communication protocol

Communication protocol called spinel was developed and launched based on our extensive experience with data communications based on other industrial protocols. The target was to accomplish mutual intercompatibility of our devices - from those very simple to those more than complicated.

Spinel was designed in such a way we could enhance and extend it as we see fit without losing the compatibility of our older devices.

Developer Tips:

Protocol features:

  • Easy implementation to all common single chip processors, PCs and programmable logic controllers.
  • Mutual compatibility of various devices communicating via Spinel protocol.
  • Binary and ASCII communication modes.
  • Easy device development, spinel is very well documented, we have Spinel terminal available for Windows OS. This terminal is constantly being enhanced and worked on.
  • Easy extendibility for own specific device.

Spinel modes are referred to as Spinel formats where each format has its designated number. Numbers 0 - 96 are designated for ASCII coding, numbers 97 - 255 are binary. Each device can support more Spinel Formats or it can have its own specific format. Data are transferred in packets with defined start and end sequences.



Example documentation protocol Spinel in the measurement converter AD4.

File size: 1 MB

Date: 31-01-2011



SpinelTerminal v. - Terminal for easy debugging of your applications, spinels, especially with the 97 format.

File size: 8,38 MB

Date: 25-05-2016



Simple utility to set-up address and communication speed of your devices with Spinel protocol. Version 2.0 with added features and functions SpinelComSetup

Velikost souboru: 339 kB

Datum: 22-06-2017



Source Code in C - Firmware: Example handling uP ZiLOG serial communication for the Spinel.

File size: 16 kB

Date: 21-09-2016



Source code in Delphi 7 - Software: An example of communication processing in the language of Spinel protocol in Delphi 7.

File size: 8,2 kB

Date: 21-09-2016



Searching utility. This will search your RS485 line and find all devices with Spinel protocol you have connected. It can also switch TQS3 to TQS1 mode and vice versa.

File size: 506 kB

Date: 03-11-2011


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