Automatic Focus of Cameras on Detected Motions

Imagine having a large, fenced property with plenty of rotating cameras. How to make cameras automatically focusing on a point of the fence when someone is trying to breach it?

For the larger properties, it is not possible for the cameras to keep focusing on each detail of the property as well as on its surroundings. In case of intrusion it is needed to get sufficiently detailed picture of the point of intrusion immediately - best from different vieweing angles. We have been asked to produce such a system with requirement to connect (1) rotating cameras system and (2) perimeter detection system.

What is Perimeter?

The word perimeter means a path that surrounds an area. It comes from the Greek word peri meaning around, and metron, which means measure. In security systems perimeter usually stands for watching the fence and its surroundigs. For detection of disruption of a perimeter detection cables are used (directly at the fence or slightly embedded in the ground nearby the fence), infrared barriers, microwave barriers, laser detectors, etc. Guarding of perimeter generally means watching of disruption of an edge of the guarded area.

How to Connect Perimeter Detection System and Rotating Cameras System?

We have recieved this requirement and meet it succesfully by means of universal electronic system. It has capability to integrate dozens of cameras together with several hundreds of detectors of perimeter disruption. System works perfectly - if a motion nearby the property is detected, cameras automatically focus on and zoom in to the place of disruption.

Thanks to versatile setting options, there is no problem even if perimeter disruptions occur in multiple locations. Operators can watch normally rotating cameras at a quiet time which are focused immediately to the right direction at the time of disruption. Each camera's focus can be set independently and therefore perimeter of the object can be guarded in an excellent way even in case of several disruptions at the same time are detected.

Here is an example of system developed exactly for customer based on his requirement. Contact us and we will be happy to manufacture an electronic device that best suits your needs also.

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