Cable Harness Tester for Rolling Stocks

Comprehensive device designed for testing of correct wiring and other cable harness parameters in railed vehicles.

Modular system for automated testing of low-voltage cable harnesses in trams and locomotives. Individual test units can be chained and extended or reduced depending on the type of vehicle being produced. Single rack with installed optimal number of test modules is designated for a given vehicle type

Properties of Testing System

  • Custom development to suit the requirements
  • Testing for correct wiring of individual power cables, short circuits between wires and other parameters
  • It includes power supply enabling to test power cables with direct current (DC) up to 80A
  • Diagnostics enabling quick and clear detection of the fault - interrupted contact, short circuit, etc
  • Fully automatic testing of all possible combinations of cable connections
  • Connection via Ethernet to a main PC or server
  • Mounting into 19" racks
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