Connecting Paradox intrusion control unit to the Ethernet

Paradox intrusion control units are one of the most used units. It can now be easily connected to Ethernet using Gnome TTL converter. This small "howto" tells you how...

How do I connect the Paradox control unit to Ethernet? 

Paradox intrusion control units are fitted with a serial connecor on the main board. This connector allows you to communicate with PC, upgrade firmware etc... Serial connector can be easily connected with GNOME TTL serial connector. And that is how to connect your Paradox intrusion control unit to the Ethernet. Serial line access can be restricted in converters WEB interface or via your Ethernet router restrictions. The connection diagram is on the following picture.

How to connect to Ethernet the Paradox PBX?

Connection diagram of the converter for Paradox intrusion control unit

GNOME TTL converter is powered from the Paradox intrusion control unit, so there are no external power sources necessary. Optionally we can supply you with a 4-wire cable for the interconnection.

Virtual serial port is a part of the delivery. With the virtual serial port installed on your PC, you can work with your legacy software with no modifications.

How do I order the Paradox intrusion control unit converter?

More information abotu the converter can be found here: More about GNOME TTL...


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