Converters for remote control of Xantrex, Fronius and SunEzy inverters

Series of OEM products for remote control and configuration of Xantrex, Fronius and SunEzy inverters, that are being used to connect photovoltaic power stations to electric power distribution network.

A power inverter is an electronic device that can change direct current (DC) from solar panels to alternating current (AC) and connect it to electric power distribution network. We have developed series of products that can convert special communication protocols of inverters and connect them to a superior system, send SMS messages to mobile phones, etc.


  • Communication with Xantrex (GT100/250/500/630), Fronius and SunEzy inverters
  • Physical layer for communication: RS232, RS422 or Ethernet (computer network)
  • Conversion of communication to MODBUS RTU / MODBUS TCP
  • Product variant with GSM communication and SMS sending
  • Configuration via web interface, terminal program or SMS
  • Enhanced isolation protection
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