Analog converters

This category contains converters for unified signals (voltage 0 - 10 V, current 0(4) - 20 mA). These converters can process signals from various sensors. Measured-out values are then sent as a digital data to your system.

Analog signals 0-10V and 0(4)-20mA are unified signals from many sensors, measurement devices and gauges. This category contains converters from AD4 product line, with help of those you can easily convert analogue signals to a standard interface as RS232, RS485, USB or Ethernet.

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DSA2 - 2x D/A converter DS18B20 to 0-10V

DSA2 - 2x D/A converter DS18B20 to 0-10V

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DSA2 with two channels can convert the temperature from the connected DS18B20 sensor to an analog o...