Do you play with Raspberry Pi?

Do you like to play with Raspberry and need any aditional hardware? Lot us worry about that - we can supply you with very specific hardware and let you just play around with the software...

Lately there is a big demand of various systems built around Raspberry Pi. It is a small form factor Linux based computer. This allows Linux users and programmers to create their own system or control module and update it very easily over time based on current needs.

Raspberry Pi for automation

Raspberry only has pin GPIO pins and I2C interfaces which requires a development of an external electronics with relays, voltage inputs and other I/O circuitry. These are interfaces we can connect to Raspberry: RS232, RS485, analog inputs and outputs, current loops, contacts, power relays, contactless readers (RFID, Barcode, Wiegand etc.), PWM inputs and utputs (for example for LED control) and many others. All possibilities are very broad, it is only up to your imagination.

We would be happy to supply you hardware with any peripherals you need. We can even supply you with a whole device in sleek aluminum or plastic enclosure according to your needs. It can of course only be the electronics PCB.

We can prepare software examples to control all peripherals and help you do the first run of your Raspberry Pi and our electronics.

See the gallery to compare various makes and phases of custom devices we have already made and the Raspberry Pi itself. Please contact us with your requirements for the Electronics for Raspberry Pi or Raspberry Pi Compute Module.

Already you can order this simple product for your Raspberry - half size microSD card adaptor for Raspberry.


We can manufacture your specific electronics whether it is a simple thing or a vast system. Feel free to contact us tentatively - we will be glad to help you find the best solution exactly for you.

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