Fast monitoring unit for remote monitoring and diagnostics of mining equipment

Custom equipment for remote monitoring and diagnostics of mining equipment in remote areas. Very fast measurements to capture the dynamic characteristics of the machine during a specific operation.

 Communication via LTE mobile network, WiFi or Ethernet, depending on what is available in the area. Synchronise measurements from dozens of devices with a time deviation of just a few milliseconds. Sending measurements via MQTT to a remote broker and storing them in a database for further analysis and processing.

When used in service mode, the technician takes measurements of the machine before and after adjustment. Records and graphs of the value waveforms are saved as confirmation that the machine has been adjusted correctly.

Inputs and outputs for connection to the machine

Collect all values at speeds up to 1000 measurements/sec:

  • 4 × analogue current input
  • 4 × digital input with 250 µs sampling
  • 5 × output relay
  • 3 × solid-state switch for valve control
  • 4 × external thermometer
  • 1 × input for incremental encoder - speed counting, rotation direction detection and monitoring of the exact shaft position (two quadrature inputs, pulse frequency up to 10 kHz)

Inputs and outputs for connection to the machine

  • Ethernet, WiFi and LTE - each unit has a combination of communication interfaces depending on the options available at the location
  • GPS for localization and precise time synchronization.
  • RS485 bus for connecting external sensors with Modbus RTU protocol.
  • Transmission of data to remote server via secure MQTT (MQTTS) and data delivery assurance thanks to QoS 2
  • For sites with poor signal, save measurements to internal memory and forward data when cellular signal is restored.
  • Value preview and configuration via web interface.

This is an example of a custom-made electronic device. We are happy to make a custom device for you as well - feel free to contact us for a free consultation to develop a new device or modify an existing product.

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