Modbus Configurator: Protocol switching utility

Software for easy switching between protocols in our devices. Mainly between Spinel and ModBus RTU. Apart from switching, this little utility can also search and set-up communication parameters of Papouch devices. 

Features and functions

  • Easy switching between protocols Spinel and ModBus RTU
  • Easy changing device's address
  • Communication parameters setup
  • Supports RS232/485/422, USB and Ethernet connections.
  • Searching function: Tries all commuication parameters on all available COM ports to find your device.

Modbus Configurator

Main window after the connection is established.

sw-modbus-configurator.zipModbus Configurator

Software designed for switching communication protocols in our devices, primarily between Spinel and Modbus RTU.

File size: 637 kB

Date: 08-21-2018


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