Quido ETH 2/16 OC: Ethernet I/O module, 2 Inputs, 16 Outputs, OC, thermometer

Quido ETH 2/16 OC is an I/O module with 2 inputs, 16 digital outputs and a thermometer. The inputs are intended for contact, the digital outputs are of the open collector type. Optional thermometer ca...more information
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Quido ETH 2/16 OC is an I/O module with 2 inputs, 16 digital outputs and a thermometer. The inputs are intended for contact, the digital outputs are of the open collector type. Optional thermometer can be connected to a cable up to 15 m long and is able to measure temperatures in the range of -55 to +125 °C. Quido connects directly to a computer network - LAN (Ethernet) and can be completely controlled and managed via a web interface.

You can order a thermometer for Quido, a box, a plexiglass cover or a holder for mounting on a DIN rail separately in the accessories for Quido.

Features of I/O module with transistor outputs

  • Control and monitoring via Ethernet (10/100 Ethernet; standard computer LAN)
  • Communication options: Web interface, e-mail, Spinel, MODBUS TCP, SNMP, HTTP GET, XML, TCP and UDP data connection
  • Email notifications (port 25, email without SSL security).
  • Also control from Windows programs QuidoFX and Wix
  • 2 digital inputs for contact.
  • 16 open collector digital outputs (NPN NO type output).
  • 1 thermometer on a cable up to 15 meters long.
  • Automatic device response to input state change. Automatic reaction to temperature change.
  • With counter function (counting changes on inputs).
  • An expansion board with terminal blocks can be ordered as an accessory.
  • The delivery includes a lever for easy handling of the terminal blocks.

Basic functions of I/O module with OC outputs

  • Read input status
  • Automatic sending of e-mails, HTTP GET or data packet about changes in inputs or temperature status
  • Counting pulses on inputs or counting changes in input status
  • Output control
  • Setting outputs for a certain time
  • Temperature monitoring function - control of outputs according to the measured temperature.

May come in handy

  • See how easy it is to control Quido via HTTP GET.
  • Do you have an electricity meter, water meter, etc. with a pulse output? Connect it to Quido - instructions here.
  • How to switch 230V with Quido? See instructions on how to switch higher voltages with Quido.
  • Does the closed contact of the machine in the warehouse close the relay on the other side of the premises? Do you need to transmit contact states or other two-state data over longer distances? Try it via Ethernet with Quido Duplex I / O modules.
  • Can't find the feature you're looking for? Contact us and let Quido adjust exactly to your requirements.

Tip: Look at Quido, which has 16× relay outputs



Complete documantation for Quido OC ETH

File size: 2.5 MB

Date: 27.06.2022


quido-modbus-en.pdfQuido Modbus EN

Complete documentation of Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU in Quido I/O modules

File size: 0.5 MB

Date: 09.07.2020


quido-spinel-en.pdfQuido Spinel EN

Complete documentation of Spinel protocol in Quido I/O modules

File size: 1.4 MB

Date: 18.10.2023


quido-snmp-mib-table.zipSNMP MIB table

SNMP MIB tabule for Quidu.

File size: 2.04 kB

Date: 11.11.2016


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