Relay Control and Data Input from Barcode Readers using Webserver

Custom device with one digital input, six relays and two serial lines for connecting barcode readers. Monitoring and controlling of current statuses is performed by a webserver and HTTP GET requests.

When data is received from serial lines, it is sent by HTTP GET. Serial lines are primarily designed for connecting barcode readers. The remote server can respond to the HTTP GET and send a command to change status of outputs.

HTTP GET was chosen for the communication because of its simplicity - this way of communication is widespread. Therefore there is no need to learn complex communication protocols. A great advantage of this device is that it can be easily integrated into an existing customer system.

The principle of the module is inspired by the standard IP RELAY I/O module. In order to monitor and control current statuses a web interface is used.

RS232 ports, Ethernet cable and power supply are connected from one side. Slip-on terminals for digital input and relay contacts are available on the other. Power supply voltage can range from 9 to 30 VDC and connects to a slip-on terminal. The Ethernet interface is available with standard RJ45 connector. COM1 and COM2 serial ports are standard RS232 lines with RxD, TxD, and GND pins only. These are enough for communication with barcode readers.

The digital input is designed to be connected to a dry contact or 5V TTL logic. The switching contacts of output relays can switch on a power supply.

We can manufacture an electronic device that best suits your needs -  whether it is small and simple or it is a complex system. Feel free to contact us - we will be happy to consult with you to reach the best solution.

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