SB232: USB to RS232 isolated converter

SB232 - USB to RS232 converter
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SB232 - USB to RS232 converter
SB232 - USB to RS232 converter
RS232 connector (D-SUB 9M)
Virtual USB serial port RS232
Port number change

Isolated industrial USB to RS232 converter. Easy installation: A virtual COM port is created on your Windows PC. Easily usable also in Linux OS.

USB to RS232 Converter description

  • Conversion of USB to RS232 (serial port, COM port)
  • Transferring all RS232 signals
  • Galvanically isolated RS232 port
  • Access to the serial line via a virtual serial port
  • Interruption of ground loops
  • PC protection against overvoltage
  • Data transfer rate up to 500 kb/s
  • Indication of power on and data flow by three indicators (ON, TXD, RXD)
  • 5 V power supply from the USB interface
  • A unique serial number that allows the user "via USB-HUB" to connect multiple converters together with other USB devices
  • Connection to a PC via standard USB cable supplied with the converter
  • Working temperature range: -40 to +85 °C
  • Dimensions 54 x 62 x 24 mm
  • Supported operating systems: Windows 32bit/64bit, Linux, MAC OS, Android

So what can SB232 do, what is it good for?

On most new laptops, there are no serial ports nowadays, or in the best case, there is one. That is often insufficient and that is where the USB to serial converter comes in. SB232 is an ideal companion for field application engineers working on often expensive legacy devices. These devices and their laptops have to be protected from ground loops too. Most USB to serial converters fail on that due to missing galvanic isolation. However SB232 offers full galvanic isolation while being powered from the USB port. Being put in anodized aluminum box, it is also very robust so it won't matter if you drop it by accident.

Virtual USB serial port RS232

Virtual COM port principal - A standard COM port appears in your Windows OS

SB232 offers full RS232 line - all RS232 signals are transmitted and connector pinout is identical to a hardware COM port on a PC. Windows drivers also allow you to set parameters to sped up the data transfer and alter the handshake signals. But default values are sufficient in most cases.
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