Speaking shelf for adversiting campaign (Talking Product Shelf)

Fidorka is one of the most known chocolate wafer candy in Czech Republic. In addition to massive advertisement through TV spots, internet adds and printed advertisement we have developed a talking shelf units for big shopping centers.

The advertisement campaign has a goal to build and image of the Fidorka as a candy that is fit for every prank. This spirit is carried out by the TV spots and the printed materials. To multiply and touch in this roguery, we have been appointed to develop and produce talking unit that detects the customer taking Fidorka from the shelf. So every customer that buys Fidorka is surprised by a funny message and remembers Fidorka as a distinct product among the offering. We were happy to develop the electronic unit for this campaign.

The Fidorka campaign can be found here in Czech language on Facebook.

Czech TV spot from teh Fidorka campain - vykutálená rošťárna:

Other videos can be found on channel Vykutálená Fidorka na Youtube.

Talking shelf units are one of many examples of custom made electronics. we will gladly develop and produce specific design specially for you. Contact us with you needs - we can produce exactly the device or board you need.

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