TCP2RTU_PoE: MODBUS TCP to RTU / ASCII converter with PoE power supply

TCP2RTU RS485 version
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TCP2RTU PoE is a transparent both directions converter of the MODBUS TCP protocol, running over Ethernet, into the MODBUS RTU/ASCII protocol, running over RS232, RS485 and RS422 lines.

The converter is powered from an Ethernet cable using the PoE standard or a standard external power adapter. A power output terminal for external devices is also available. Both the converter and the connected device can be powered from PoE. The output can be switched on and off together with other parameters via the web interface.

TCP2RTU PoE is part of a durable metal design - a DIN rail mount can also be ordered as an accessory.

Operating modes

  • Modbus TCP > Modbus RTU: Master (TCP) in Ethernet addresses the slave (RTU) device on the serial port of the converter.
  • Modbus TCP > Modbus ASCII: Master (TCP) in Ethernet addresses the slave (ASCII) device on the serial port of the converter.
  • Modbus TCP < Modbus RTU:
    • The converter behaves like a Modbus RTU Slave with Modbus ID setting on the serial line.
    • The data from the serial line in the Modbus RTU protocol is converted by the converter to Ethernet to the Modbus TCP protocol.
    • The Modbus ID can be set to 0 - then the converter converts all received data to Modbus TCP on Ethernet - or to 1 to 247 and then the converter converts to Modbus TCP only the data for this set ID.
  • Modbus TCP < Modbus ASCII: Same as the previous case, except that the Modbus ASCII protocol is on the serial line
  • HTTP GET: Allows you to write and read data from Modbus RTU devices using http GET requests. For example set.xml?id=31&inst=4&adr=123&val=32752 writes with the instruction code 0x04 to the device with ID 31 to the address 123 the value 32752. This function will be added only in the next firmware version. The function will also upload to the current hardware version.


  • Both directions serial line converter with Modbus RTU / ASCII to Modbus TCP via Ethernet.
  • Power supply by standard PoE (IEEE 802.3af) or from an external source (11 to 58 V).
  • Power output for connected 5, 9, 12 or 24 V - can only be switched on and off via the web interface.
  • The power supply is galvanically separated from other parts of the device.
  • Easy configuration via web interface.
  • Switchable RS232 or RS485 interface.
  • Used used RS232: RxD, TxD, RTS, CTS, GND.
  • Used used RS485: RxTx +, RxTx-.
  • Power indication, network data transmission, connection and activity.
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