AD4ETH: Ethernet measurement module

Analog measurement module AD4ETH is a four input A/D converter allowing you to measure up to four analogue signals 0-10V or 0(4)-20mA. Measured-out values can be viewed via a WEB interface, AD4ETH als...more information
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Introduction to measurement converters AD4 series.Analog measurement module AD4ETH is a four input A/D converter allowing you to measure up to four analogue signals 0-10V or 0(4)-20mA. Measured-out values can be viewed via a WEB interface, AD4ETH also supports TCP, SNMP, Modbus and many other protocols.

Default input range is 0-10V or 0(4)-20mA, but it ican be modidied to suit your application upon request. Please contact us to get a custom measuring range.

A/D converter to send measurements directly to the Web, e-mail, XML, MODBUS TCP, etc.

Features of Ethernet A/D converter

  • Four analogue inputs for voltage or current
  • Each channel can have different range (upon request)
  • Measuring range split into 10 000 pieces
  • Mesuring rate: twice in a second for each channel
  • Communication via Ethernet (LAN computer network)
  • Wide power supply voltage range: 7 - 30 V DC
  • Measuring is based on a single multiplexed 16 bit sigma-delta A/D converter
  • Internal WEB server
  • WAP pages for mobile view
  • Measured data in XML format for easy processing in your own application
  • AD4ETH supports sending the data in XML WEB service format by SOAP protocol
  • A/D converter can automatically send the measurements to your server in an HTTP GET request body.
  • E-mail notifications when a preset thresholds are exceeded (e-mail without SSL)
  • Real units calculation functions - you can see the values as a pressure, height, distance, temperature etc.
  • Measurement software for windows as a free

Usage of IP A/D converter

  • Digitalization of measured-out values from gauges with unified voltage or current ouput
  • Reading or sensors with unified signals
  • Reading values from flood sensors, pressure sensors, thermometers, height sensors etc.


Datasheet / Manual

File size: 1.9 MB

Date: 06-10-2014


ad4eth-mib-table.zipSNMP MIB table

SNMP MIB table for AD4ETH

File size: 1.3 kB

Date: 01-13-2011


ad4xxx-drak4-modbus-rtu.pdfModbus protocol

Communication protocol MODBUS RTU used in AD4 and Drak 4

File size: 387 kB

Date: 01-17-2019


ad4-drak4-spinel.pdfSpinel protocol

AD4xxx Spinel protocol description + hysteresis principals footnote + instructions how to switch the protocol.

File size: 1 MB

Date: 01-25-2013



Configuration software for AD4xxx devices. AD4RS, AD4USB and Drak 4. Current values are displayed. (Note: If your device is set to communication speed other than 9600 od 115200 bps, you will have to execute ad4setup with parameter baudrate: AD4setup.exe baudrate=[your speed] )

File size: 661 kB

Date: 03-26-2014


Universal configuration software for Papouch Ethernet devices. It allows you to set-up your device even from another network range. It can set basic network parameters even for a device in a different subnet than your PC has.
Ethernet Configurator homepage

File size: 534 kB

Date: 08-12-2013


Wix - Free version of measurement software, version
Software for measurement, storing values, controlling and viewing measured-out values from Papouch s.r.o. devices (or others if integrated with for example MODBUS).
(Restrictions in the free version can be removed by purchasing a license.)
Go to Wix main page...

File size: 3.1 MB

Date: 08-31-2018