TDS: Industrial thermometer

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TDS thermometer can display temperature measured by TQS thermometers, that communicate via RS485 line and can be up to 1200m away from it. Temperature is displayed on a 7-segment LED display. In this way you can read-out up to three temperatures in different locations. TDS Thermometer works as an independent device without the need to be connected to a PC.

Versions of the TQS3 thermometer (left to right): TQS4 I, TQS4 O, TQS4 P, TQS4 E


  • Industrial Thermometer with IP64 coverage
  • Very long distance between thermometers and display (up to 1200m)
  • Easy installation with no settings - just plug and measure
  • Various versions of TQS thermometers

Usage of TDS Thermometer

TDS Thermometer can display temperature from up to three thermometers, that are connected to it. Maximum cable length is 1200m. Measured temperature range is -55 °C to +125 °C

Functional schematic of TDS and TQS thermometers

TDS thermometer is connected by a four-wire cable to all TQS sensors.All sensors and the display are powered from a single power supply unit.

Temperature is displayed on one luminous display with 10mm sign height. In case more than one thermometer is connected to it, al three temperatures rotate after three seconds. Which of the three temperatures is actually displayed is indicated by an indicator right next to the display.

The way three temperatures are displayed on one display. All three temperatures rotate after three seconds. To identify the actual displayed read-out, indicator next to the last number is used.

Thermometer addressing: The display expects connected thermometers to have addresses "1" through "3". If you order Thermometers with the TDS Thermometer display, we will send you the thermometers set correctly. If however you order those separately, you will have to specify the addresses while ordering.
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